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Baby Carrier Review 2012
"Beco Gemini The versatility of this carrier allows the baby to be worn four different ways. Beco Butterfly Cozy fabric & comfortable fit makes this soft structure carrier a favorite for many " - Green Child Magazine (

You have a new baby on the way! What are some of your must-haves for new parents?
"This is a fun one As most moms have learned, theres a lot of crap out there that leaves us wondering why we have certain things lying around the house, let alone why we even registered for them in the first place. In the spirit of keeping it simple (this time round), Im gonna go with 3 things: 1st a Safe, Reliable, Easy to Operate + Easy on your Body stroller/car seat system. Were going with the Orbit Stroller Travel System. Its got a big price tag, but after having been through my share of snap-n-go systems with the first kid, this is the way to go. Not to mention that Ill be saving money (and my back) in the long run. 2nd a Good Carrier. Speaking of back-saving goodies, this is a biggie. Im not a fan of slings because of the asymmetric way they force you to hold the baby. My pick is the BECO Baby Carrier. Infant to 45lbs all in one system. And its organic! 3rd Good Boob Pads. " - Zoe Organicis (

15 favorite finds for baby
"If simple is your style and on-the-go is your lifestyle, check out the new Gemini 4-in-1 by Beco Baby Carrier, an O.C.-based company. The Gemini trends with current patterns, is made of organic cotton and has little hardware. Its versatility lets you carry your child (newborn to toddler) front-facing in, front-facing out, in-hip carry or back- carry configurations. Dads look good in it, and moms can multitask more. " - OC Family (

Kaia Magazine
"Hold Them Close-Perfect for holidays, this richly colored Beco carrier is easy to learn and great for mom & baby bonding." - Hold Them Close (

Maternity & baby gear reviews Gemini
"Beco Baby Carrier solved these issues of mine with a simple term: four-in-one. (Read: more bang for your buck.) Beco's Gemini is a 4-in-1 carrier. That means it can carry in four positions: on the front facing inward, on the front facing outward, on the hip, and on the back. So you can figure out what works best for your little one without having to purchase and try multiple carriers. Also, because it fits babies from 7 to 35 pounds, there is no need to purchase an infant insert or a second carrier for your newborn.........." - Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine (

Best In Babywearing: Our Top 7 Carriers of 2011
"Parents have discovered that slings, wraps and carriers are an easy and hands-free way to tote around their babies. Find out which carriers our readers love the best. We absolutely love that the Beco carriers were designed by babywearing parent, active sailor and rock climber Gabby Caperon. Because of this......" - Canadian Family (

Fit Pregnancy.......Have Baby, Will Travel
"Beco Gemini Baby Carrier Versatile (and cute, too!), the Beco Gemini Baby Carrier, $130, has multiple hands-free carrying optionson your front, hip or backand can be adjusted wider or narrower at the base depending on your childs size. The padded shoulder straps and waist belt offer support for longer outings. From birth to 35 pounds " - Fit Pregnancy (

Newly Wed, Newly Bred!
"Beco is one of the biggest names on the market when it comes to baby carriers. Good baby carriers, that is! The other is Ergo. Many, many parents find themselves looking for an excellent carrier, and try to choose between the two. While both are great options, I'd like to touch on some of the features that makes the Beco really stand out....... " - Beco Baby Carrier Review (

Kiwi Magazine
""Even in the face of some negative press, has anyone noticed how popular baby wraps and carriers have become? One of my favorites is the adorable (and affordable!) Beco Baby Carrier for newborns and toddlers (weighing 7-45 pounds). "" - Travel in style: Beco Baby Carrier (

Canadian Family
"If its stunning fabrics (tasteful prints and sophisticated solids), ergonomic design (wide padded shoulder straps and a cushy, adjustable belt for lumbar support) and ability to be worn four ways (facing in, facing out, on the back and on the hip) didn't have you at hello, then Becco's response to concerns about spinal development will likely seal the deal. The new carrier's bottom can be folded up, creating a seated position (rather than dangled from the crotch) for forward-facing rides. This adjustment also provides a snugger fit, and eliminates the need for an infant insert, while carrying smaller babes. Better still, it has a foldable headrest to accommodate growing babes (7 to 35 lbs.) and straps that can be crossed at the back for front carries and can even be used while nursing. Need we say more?" - 13 Baby Must Haves (

"Tote your tot in style with the Beco Butterfly 2 baby carrier. Handmade in the USA, the Butterfly 2 comes in a number of fashionable designer and organic fabrics..... Read more" - Baby & Toddler Gear (

The Best Baby Carriers for You
- Parenting & Baby Talk Magazine (

Fit Pregnancy Buyers Guide 2010
"Get a leg up Beco Butterfly Carrier, The Beco Butterfly carrier comes in hip fabrics but, even better, provides lumbar support for you and comfort for your baby: His legs straddle your body, rather than dangling willy-nilly. Wear him on front or back, facing your body. Available in 10 styles made from organic cotton. 7 to 45 pounds. " - Fit Pregnancy (

"the word-of-mouth survival guide for SAN FRANCISCO parents" - LILA GUIDE (

Best Baby Carriers for Baby-Wearing
"Interested in the idea of attachment parenting and ready to incorporate a few of the major concepts into your repertoire? One of the central ideas of attachment parenting is "being both physically and emotionally available to the needs of your child," says Lysa Parker, one of the founders of Attachment Parenting International..." - by (

"As parents, we want our hands free to get things done but our babies want to be held close. Wearing our babies helps us meet both these needs. The Beco baby carrier is a fantastic carrier. It is well-made, comfortable, compact and stylish. Parents love the durability and easy on/off features. If you are looking for a wonderful all-purpose front, side and back carrier, you can't go wrong with the Beco." - Maria Blois, MD (author) Babywearing: The Benefits and Beauty of This Ancient Tradition (

"The Beco Baby Carrier looks great, is comfortable to wear, and well made. I've used the Beco carrier with my toddler for everything from walking the dogs to getting through the airport. It has made daily activities and travel with my little one so much easier." - Christina Chan (author) '101 Baby Travel Tips'

Fit Pregnancy.......Get a leg up
"The Beco Butterfly carrier comes in hip fabrics but, even better, provides lumbar support for you and comfort for your baby: His legs straddle your body, rather than dangling willy-nilly. Wear him on front or back, facing your body. Available in 10 styles made from organic cotton. 7 to 45 pounds." - Fit Pregnancy (

Sugar Pop Ribbons
"I LOVE, LOVE the inside panel of the Beco Baby Carrier-- which I have not seen on any other baby carriers before. The reason why I love it is because if you have an infant, the inside panel ensure the security of your baby. My friend who has tried other baby carriers before said that her baby fell out a baby carrier (falling out from the bottom) because there was no fabric panel on the inside to provide that extra security. And this is why I think the inside panel support is so awesome. " - Sugar Pop Ribbons (

Everything Mom and Baby
"It is by far the most comfortable carrier I've worn...... This carrier and some features comes with an instructional DVD, a hoody that snaps on to the carrier to protect babe's head while sleeping, and it has a little pocket on the carrier where you can store it, it also comes with an infant insert and when you fold this up, it can be used as a hip carry! What carrier has that? Beco! " - everything mom and baby (

Beco Is One Of Our Favourite Things!
"Ever since finding out I was pregnant with my second child I spent a lot of time wondering how I am going to do everyday things like walk the dog, go to the store, etc. with a new baby and a toddler. I have decided that the answer is that this kid is going to be strapped to me most of my waking hours. And the Beco Baby Carrier is how Ill make that happen" - Split Milk Moms (





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2010 Best Tested Baby Carriers
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